Monarchy New Zealand Press Release: Succession Act Enacted


Monarchy Succession Updated

Chair of Monarchy New Zealand, Dr Sean Palmer, welcomes the enactment of the Royal Succession Act.

Today, at a special meeting of the Executive Council, the Governor-General of New Zealand promulgated the Royal Succession Act Commencement Order 2015.

The Royal Succession Act 2013 was passed in December 2013 to implement several important changes needed to modernise the monarchy.  These changes included the introduction of gender equality and removed religious discrimination. However, the provisions of the legislation were left to be bought into force by an Order in Council at a later time. This was to ensure that the new laws were introduced simultaneously, so that the rules determining who assumes the Crown remained the same in all the Commonwealth Realms.

Happy 30th, Prince Harry!

Prince Harry in Lesotho

Prince Harry in Lesotho

Today we wish His Royal Highness Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales a happy birthday. The second born son of His Royal Highness Prince Charles The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales celebrates his birthday shortly after taking a vital part in the Invictus Games.

We wish him all the best.