Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Recent Engagements

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Child Bereavement UK

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Child Bereavement UK

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have, since our last update, made two public engagements.

The first engagement was on St Patrick’s Day to attend a military parade and another to a the Child Bereavement UK headquarters  to show their support to the moving cause which the Duke of Cambridge himself has been a Royal Patron of since 2009.

The 17th of March saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend a military parade at the Aldershot Barracks, the home to regiment of the Irish Guards being visited by the couple. The Duchess of Cambridge handed out shamrocks to the guards and even gave one to their mascot, an Irish Wolf Hound.

The day seemed to go to plan with the exception of the weather and for a moment when the duchess got her shoe stuck in what looked to be grating requiring her to pull herself up

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge St Patrick's Day 2013

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge St Patrick’s Day 2013

on Prince William.

On the 19th of March 2013, the Royal Couple paid a visit to the Headquarters of the Child Bereavement UK Charity which gives support to families who have lost a child or children who have lost somebody close.

Our vision is for all families to have the support they need to rebuild their lives, when a child grieves or when a child dies.


The duke and duchess greeted staff and bereaved children and families in a moving visit on Tuesday, one which will surely be remembered by the young couple who are themselves expecting their first child.

“It has been a privilege to have The Duke of Cambridge lend his support to our work; his involvement has made a huge, positive difference to Child Bereavement UK”

–Child Bereavement UK (Press Statement)


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