Garter Day 2013

Garter Day 2013

Garter Day 2013

Yesterday, Her Majesty, The Queen along with other members of the Royal Family including The Princess Royal, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall attended the annual Garter Day ceremony for the Order of the Garter.

The historical and noble order itself was founded in 1348 and is the highest order of chivalry in existence in England. This honour is gifted personally as The Sovereign’s prerogative. As Prince Philip is still recovering he was unable to attend this year’s ceremony.

The annual ceremony was discontinued in 1805 but was revived by King George VI in 1948 and has remained an annual event on the Monday of Royal Ascot Week ever since. On the day members of the order with the rank of Knight Companion (dressed in full regalia and insignia) meet in the state apartments of Windsor Castle and if there are any new members to invest they will have a ceremony in the Throne Room. There is also a procession of the knights and members of the Royal Family.

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