Her Majesty’s Finances Under Investigation

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Fine English China – Royal Collection Shop

It has been announced that Her Majesty’s finances and those of the Royal Family and Household will be subject to investigation by the powerful Westminster Public Accounts Committee.

The investigation does not necessarily imply any wrongdoing whatsoever on behalf of the Royal Family it is simply an enquiry to ensure that public funds are being spent and handled appropriately and in the most effective manner.

According to the Telegraph’s article on the matter, the committee will also probe into whether or not the Royal Household is doing enough to raise money for the family through the sale of the ‘Royal Brand’ which includes the Royal Collection Store.

“I’m all in favour of it,” “It’s not intrusive. It is about ensuring that the public are getting good value for money.

“At the moment there is no accountability for spending what is a considerable fortune.”

–Austin Mitchell, a Labour MP who has a seat on the committee

Other areas of interest to the investigative committee include but are not limited to:

  • Funds given to junior Royal Family members
    • Example: Money given to family memebrs to represent The Queen
  • Transportation costs
    • Example: The Royal Flight, The Queen’s helicopter
  • Official entertaining
    • Example: Inward state visits
  • Upkeep of palaces and state owned residences
    • Example: Buckingham Palace

The investigation comes after a law change allowing members of parliament the right to view the finances of the Royal Family for the first time.

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