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The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother

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On the 30th of March 2002, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother (born Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon on the 4th of August 1900) passed away at the age of 101 which at the time made her the longest surviving member of the British Royal Family. She passed away peacefully at just after 3pm at the Royal Lodge of Windsor Great Park.

Queen Elizabeth, mother to Britain’s current queen, Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, the late Princess Margaret married Prince Albert, the Duke of York on the 26th of April 1923. The couple never expected the future they were to inherit as the Duke of York’s brother King Edward VIII abdicated on the 10th of December 1936 formally passing the crown to the Duke of York who became King George VI alongside his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

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  1. I am an ex Grenadier Guardsman and I once served the Queen mother at a private dinner party.How many of the rest of population here in the UK get to write that ,yours in Jesus ,Mary ,Joseph.

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