Prince Harry Leaves Afghanistan

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Today, (21/01/2013) the Ministry of Defence announced that His Royal Highness, Prince Harry had left Afghanistan where he was deployed to fight for queen and country and was on his way back to the United Kingdom.

As soon as the story broke royal reporters and watchers alike hit the internet to follow the updates. Hours later we are now able to share some intimate details about the deployment including a set of candid interview videos that the prince took part in while stationed in Camp Bastion.

During these interviews His Royal Highness spoke about a number of topics including his split lives as both an army pilot and a people’s prince which he sees as very different yet parallel lives. He also spoke shortly on the Las Vegas incident earlier in 2012.

News sites are now publishing pictures and videos of the prince in Afghanistan along with quotes from people said to be within the prince’s close circle.

Some quotes from the prince himself during the recorded interviews include:

  • “take a life to save a life” where the prince speaks of having to kill to protect, and

    Prince Harry in Afghanistan

    Prince Harry in Afghanistan

  • “let myself down, let my family down, let other people down” in regards to the events in Las Vegas


Further Information and Facts:

  • Prince Harry was deployed for four months
  • This is the prince’s second deployment in the army
  • Camp Bastion is the main British military base in the area and accommodates 28,000 people. It is located north-west of Lashkar Gah, capitol of the Helmand Province.
  • Short video including interview snippets –

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