Succession to the Crown Bill to Enter Parliament Tomorrow

Coronation Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

Coronation Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

Starting tomorrow (21 January 2013) the ‘Succession to the Crown’ bill will enter parliament beginning its final steps to becoming law meaning that no matter the gender of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s child he or she will become king or queen respectively one day.

The same bill also removes restrictions on members of the Royal Family in the direct line of succession from marrying a Roman Catholic without removing themselves from said line of succession (an example of this is the marriage of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent) and also the need to receive approval from the monarch to marry.

These rules date back to the 17th century and have not since been changed and so have been met with both approval and opposition from not only members of the public but also members of the Royal Family itself including Prince Charles who voiced his concerns about the future governance of the Church of England which is headed by the reigning monarch.

For more detailed information, visit the BBC’s website.

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