The Duchess of Cambridge’s Grimsby Visit

The Duchess of Cambridge Visits Grimsby

The Duchess of Cambridge Visits Grimsby

On Tuesday the 5th of March, Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge made a visit to the small town of Grimsby.

While there she made visits to the Fishing Heritage Centre, Peaks Lane Fire Station and Havelock Academy.

Crowds gathered at every engagement to catch a glimpse of the young royal and many were not disappointed as Her Royal Highness greeted many and even commented on feeling her baby kick.

However the trip was not without drama.

In the morning, a large amount of fog caused a long delay as the duchess was to arrive via helicopter. A more widely documented drama also emerged. When given a teddy bear Her Royal Highness said thank you and stated that she would “take that for [her] d…” many have speculated that this could be the duchess stopping herself from saying daughter. But as there has been no official word from the palace these comments cannot be justified.

One this is certain however, world media will now be watching the duchess and her unborn child even more closely from now on.

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Video: The Duchess of Cambridge in Grimsby 

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