The Queen’s Accession and Coronation

New Queen steps on to British soil

New Queen steps on to British soil

On the 6th of February 1952 while the then Princess Elizabeth, was staying in a remote part of Kenya while on tour there with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Devastating news came through and the Duke of Edinburgh asked the princess on a private walk. It was there and then that the 25 year old daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth learned of her father’s death and her accession to the crown. Her reign had begun.

The (now) Queen and Duke of Edinburgh immediately cancelled the tour they were taking part in and returned to London. When she landed she was greeted Prime Minister Winston Churchill and other senior officials and aides at the airport.

The young girl had left London a princess and a mother and returned a queen.

16 months later, after a period of grieving over the Royal Family’s

Her Majesty, The Queen's coronation portrait

Her Majesty, The Queen’s coronation portrait

loss of a father, grandfather and husband and the nation’s loss of a beloved king and also a period of planning, The Queen was crowned on June the 2nd 1953.

The coronation ceremony was conducted by Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Geoffrey Fisher and was a solemn ceremony. Present at the ceremony were leaders and representatives of all of the nations where Her Majesty is head of state, members of parliament and other officials and distinguished guests.

The nation was also present both in force lining the streets of the procession route hoping to catch a glimpse of the young queen and also on television as this was the first major Royal Event which was televised. The service was also broadcast via radio both to The Queen’s request.

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